Cut & Sew

We have the capabilities, equipment, and skilled staff for contract cutting, prototypes or small to large batch production.  In addition, we have a great sales team and front end staff that will help you during every step of your project.


With our highly skilled team, we can take your drawings and specifications and fabricate a working prototype to take your product to the next level, have the ability to display for investors, social campaigns, and marketing.  

Small Batch Orders

With our Six Sigma Approach in manufacturing, we are able to manufacture small runs at reasonable costs.  This allows for more money to grow your business as opposed to sitting on your shelf as unsold products.

High Volume Manufacturing and Large Batch Orders

When you are at a level of large quantity orders, we have the ability to fill those orders in- house or with our partner in Utah.  We offer quantity discounts, fast turnarounds and all Made in the USA.   


For more information about our Services, Prices, and Ordering,

please call us at 303-399-3232.